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Client Testimonials of Donet, McMillan & Trontz, P.A.

Below are various written testimonials of satisfied customers.

Written Testimonials

Debbie L - Miami, FLDecember 10, 2018

David Trontz Is Superman To the Rescue! Do not go anywhere else! He is the only attorney you need!!!

Lily - Miami, FLNovember 30, 2018

David Trontz, where to begin except a huge thank you. You were with me from the beginning. I felt that you treated my sons case with so much care and as if were your own family! It was not an easy case, especially dealing with mental illness. You truly put your heart and soul into his case. I'm so glad you took the case and went behind measures to make sure the results would be as they are today. Probation not prison. A huge thank you for a years worth of dedication. I couldn't have pick a better attorney! Thank you David from all of us.

Michele S - Miami, FLOctober 23, 2018

All the attorneys and legal assistants are great and very knowledgeable in all aspects of law. A very special thank you to Larry McMillan and Jessica for helping us with our daughter's case. May God bless you always.

Mizty - Miami, FLOctober 17, 2018

I truly love working with this group professionally McMillan, Trontz you guys are very special and I will always consider referrals to you first. Thanks for allowing me to ride along

Anthony Zamora - Miami, FLOctober 16, 2018

From my personal experience David Trontz successfully delivered his law services with expertise and precision, he showed concern and meticulously handled my criminal matters on time. I also want to thank his secretary Jessica for making eveything so easy and taking her time to help, so if you are looking for a great attorney and team dont think twice.... With great appreciation, A.Z.

Jose C - Miami, FLOctober 01, 2018

Honesty, integrity, concentration and focus are just some of the adjectives which describe this law firm. I would like to extend a special recognition to my attorney, Larry McMillan, whom with his humble and sincere character, had the patience, ability and skills to achieve the dismissal of my case in court. I truly have no words to thank his professionalism throughout my case. All I can say is thank you, and may God bless him and his entire family. I couldn't overlook the great care and patience Jessica Segebre always showed towards me, giving me all the information I needed and giving answer to all my doubts and questions in the most precise and honest way possible. Simply superb. Once again, a heartfelt thank you. Regards, Jose Carlos.

[This testimonial was translated from its original version in Spanish]

Greeyt H - Miami, FLSeptember 24, 2018

If there could be a choice of 1000 starts, I will give it to my attorney Larry McMillan and the team in the office. Larry is trustworthy and straightforward, also was full of patience with me during this horrible/difficult situation. He has the skills, the knowledge and worked diligent on my case until get it closed in a short period of time. Furthermore, his kindness, compassion, and professionalism showed during all our meetings. Thank you, Larry, and many blessings to you and your family always. I also wanted to mention my gratitude to Jessica for answering all my doubts, she is very understanding, polite, professional, and had an excellent attitude every time we spoke. I am very happy with the outcome on my case and I highly recommend his expertise if an above and beyond service is needed. Thanks to all!!! My son and I will always be very grateful.

Lisa W - Miami, FLSeptember 13, 2018

David Trontz handled our very emotional and difficult Federal Case with expertise and with utmost professionalism. His compassion and immediate response to my many concerns was invaluable and most appreciated. He achieved a positive outcome on our case and for that we will forever be grateful.

Chris Y - Miami, FLSeptember 09, 2018

Attorney Larry McMillan delivered on his promises and was able to prevent a potentially disastrous situation for me and my career at an important time in my life. Mr. McMillan was prompt and handled my case in a timely manner. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Xuemei L - Miami, FLMay 28, 2018

Larry McMillan is an excellent attorney. My husband violated the probation for some reason last year. But Larry helped him out. Finally, my husband just stayed in Jay for a few months. He has a lot of experiences on violated probation issues. Larry McMillan is very good at debating with Judge. I am so glad that I hired a good attorney for my husband.