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Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers

Picture of a Court Room Where Our Miami Criminal defense lawyers Use Effective Defense TacticsAre you looking for the services of professional Miami criminal defense lawyers? You've come to the right place! Our Miami criminal defense lawyers have vast experience in defending all types of cases. We have experience dealing with even the most challenging cases, and we are known for always using practical and effective defense tactics. Hiring the prompt services of our Miami criminal defense lawyers can help you protect your reputation, prevent costly fines, and even help you avoid going to jail.

Donet, McMillan & Trontz's Miami criminal defense lawyers have the expertise and knowledge gathered from years of experience dealing with criminal cases in the state of Florida. There are many factors that can affect the criminal offense you could be charged with, such as the circumstances under which the offense took place, and the nature of the offense itself.

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Lily - Miami, FLNovember 30, 2018

David Trontz, where to begin except a huge thank you. You were with me from the beginning. I felt that you treated my sons case with so much care and as if were your own family! It was not an easy case, especially dealing with mental illness. You truly put your heart and soul into his case. I'm so glad you took the case and went behind measures to make sure the results would be as they are today. Probation not prison. A huge thank you for a years worth of dedication. I couldn't have pick a better attorney! Thank you David from all of us.


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Many people commit a punishable offense without even realizing they could go to jail. That is why it is crucial to get the timely help of Miami criminal defense lawyers to assist you in dealing with a potential criminal charge.

Our experienced Miami criminal defense lawyers will clearly explain what you've been charged with. Whether it's a misdemeanor or a felony, they will guide you through the process to guarantee the best possible outcome. Our Miami criminal defense lawyers are aware of how severe State and Federal courts can be when punishing a crime, hence, they will use all their experience and knowledge to find a good plea or even have you acquitted from the charges.
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Criminal defense lawyers Miami, Florida

As soon as you retain our Miami criminal defense lawyers, you will count on the service of lawyers with over 50 years of experience. Our attorneys will perform a thorough investigation and collect all the necessary evidence to defend your case and challenge the evidence against you. Bear in mind that the results of your defense will improve if you hire qualified Miami criminal defense lawyers shortly after being detained or charged.

To discuss your case with our professional Miami criminal defense lawyers, call (305) 396-3982 and we'll gladly assist you.