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Miami Boater Accused of BUI at Columbus Day Regatta has Charges Dismissed

March 22, 2016

A boater leaving the Columbus Day Regatta in Miami is stopped for BUI by Park Service and Miami-Dade Police Officers, because one of his navigation lights was reportedly not working. The officers detected an odor of alcoholic beverage on the boater's breath, blood shot eyes, flushed face and slurred speech. Presuming that the boater was drunk, the Miami officers requested that he perform sobriety exercises. The boater refused to perform the exercises and was arrested. He was transported to Elliott Key in Miami, Florida and asked to give a breath sample to determine if he was impaired. The officers arrested him for boating under the influence (BUI) and cited him with a civil penalty of $500.00 for refusing to blow into the Intoxilyzer. The boater immediately retained a Miami DUI/BUI lawyer from DMT to represent him. Our Miami DUI lawyer immediately filed several motions on behalf of the boater. After cross examining several officers and establishing numerous conflicts in their testimony, the Miami judge granted our motions. All charges against our client were dismissed, including the civil citation for refusing to blow into the breath machine.