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Client Testimonials of Donet, McMillan & Trontz, P.A.

Below are various written testimonials of satisfied customers.

Written Testimonials

Priscilla - , FLApril 02, 2011

I worked with Mr. Donet at the State Attorney's Office and then on the other side of the table once he went into private practice. He is relentless in his defense of his clients. He is an honest and excellent advocate and one of the few defense attorneys I feel comfortable recommending to friends in need.

A DUI Client - , FLMarch 23, 2011

Larry has done a fantastic job with my DUI case. I was being charged with DUI with property damage and leaving the scene of the accident. Not only did Larry respond almost immediately to almost all of my emails and phone calls, but he was very helpful in explaining the law to me and providing me with some reasonable expectations. Most importantly, using some pretty good tactics, Larry was able to attain a dismissal of all charges at the trial setting. I still have an unblemished record and I can get back to my normal life thanks to Larry. Highly Recommended!

Angela - , FLJanuary 19, 2011

The poor decisions of my past was an enormous tragedy and a life changing scare for my family and I. David Trontz guided us every step of the way assuring both my devastated family and myself that he would do all he could to get me home to my family which he surely did. Trontz went above and beyond, taking immediate action towards the best possible outcome. Choosing Trontz and his firm to represent me was definitely the best decision made. Not only is David Trontz an extremely dedicated attorney, he is also an outstanding human being. He has transformed my future from hopeless to hopeful. And I thank David and his staff from the bottom of my heart.