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Client Testimonials of Donet, McMillan & Trontz, P.A.

Below are various written testimonials of satisfied customers.

Written Testimonials

Frank - , December 10, 2012

Best criminal defense lawyer in Miami. The DMT staff and Mr. Trontz kept me informed all the way and were able to dismiss my case for a Felony charge and two Misdemeanor charges. Mr. Trontz worked with me and gave me a reasonable price. I will highly recommend him to family & friends.

A Criminal Defense Client - , FLFebruary 24, 2012

In Feb. of 2012 I contacted the D.M.T Law Firm, in regards to a criminal conviction that I pled guilty to over 18 years ago. This criminal conviction, as a law full U.S.Permanent Resident was hindering my steps towards becoming U.S.Citizen. Do to the nature the nature of the conviction, it could have also placed me into deportation and removal proceedings as well. After first contact with the law firm,I was given a same day return call by David Trontz. Who I then explain my situation to and also stated that I was looking to have that criminal conviction vacated.(post-conviction relief)...Mr. Trontz after hearing everything and looking at my conviction while on the phone said to me that he could get this done as soon as I wanted it done. He then discussed his fee, which was reasonably fair. I then told him i would think everything over and I'll get back to him...And I did..On Feb. 24, 2012. After a formal meeting I retained the law firm to deal with the matter and on the first week of May 2012 my criminal conviction was vacated. Dismissing what could have been a life altering change for me and my family.Mr. Trontz backed up his words. He said a month,so said so done. My experience with Mr. Trontz and the D.M.T Law Firm was a wonderful one. And I recommend anyone looking for honest, reliable, professional attorneys. To contact this firm. They're to be trusted!!!

TL - , February 15, 2012

I contacted the Law Firm of David Trontz, concerning a criminal conviction that I had 3 years before; this criminal conviction, had created a huge problem for me and my family. Due to one mistake I was being treated like a criminal! So, I decided to hire Mr. Trontz to help me with my problem. The end result? My criminal conviction was vacated and I got my life back! Mr. Trontz was able to solve what everybody had "assured" me that it was "impossible" to solve. I highly recommend David Trontz, he is amazing!!! Thank you David, you are the best! You saved my life! Thanks to you I believe again that miracles do happen!

MW - , February 07, 2012

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney in the Miami area, David Trontz is the attorney to call. Don't risk your money, time or freedom with anyone else! My husband was arrested along with 2 other individuals in the Miami-Dade area and was facing serious charges with a hefty prison term if convicted (drug trafficking, money laundering, conspiracy charges and more in a reverse sting). Being out of state, we didn't know anyone or anything in the area so we searched online for a good state and federal lawyer. We hired a higher priced attorney in the area who (after months of being beat up in the courtroom) we felt wasn't fit to handle the case. He was urging us to "cooperate" with no plea offer in exchange for getting below the mandatory minimum of 15 yrs. per charge. Outrageous! What he was being charged with never even happened! I again searched online, this time looking for a defense attorney who had previously been a state prosecutor for Miami-Dade. I felt this was an important qualification as we learned that the previous attorney had no experience in that court building with any of the judges or prosecutors. We contacted Mr. Trontz over the phone and he immediately put us at ease with his knowledge and experience in handling such cases. I met with him that afternoon and we reviewed the evidence, he was interested in taking the case and looking further into it. Long story short, in only 2 short months we received the call that we were waiting for....our case was to be dismissed due to lack of evidence. I can't express how thankful I am to this man for giving me my husband back and washing this nightmare out of my lives. He never made us any promises but did tell us what he thought and hoped to accomplish. Everything he said he would do, he did....quickly, efficiently, and with the desired results. One thing you don't want, is to have the wrong attorney in a situation like that. It could have cost my husband the rest of his life in prison if we didn't go with our gut that we needed to find another lawyer. I only wish we had found Mr. Trontz first. I hope this review will save the next person the time and money by going directly to him and getting the best criminal defense you can get.

Criminal Defense client - , January 18, 2012

Going with Mr. Trontz for our criminal case was the best decision we ever made. He was professional, understanding, supportive and highly qualified to deal with our problems. He achieved the best possible outcome in our case, more than we dared hope for. Thanks to Mr. Trontz' talent and expertise, a stupid mistake that could have been a 'life-altering consequential event', was reduced to a 'learning experience'. We owe our future to Mr. Trontz and will always be grateful for his accomplishment!

Sam - , November 07, 2011

This was a very trying time for my family. The first lawyer we contacted, was cold, could not be reached, quoted us $35,000, and we are from one of the poorest countries, Sierra Leone. Our lawyer, David Trontz, was the first to find out what my brother was being held for, where he was being held even before we hired him. He worked with us financially, and quoted a price that was affordable for our family. And unlike the first lawyer did not tell us to sell our home, or liquidate any assets that we did not even have. It was difficult for him because we are a large family and several members of our family called David. David always responded in a timely fashion, made us feel very important like we were his only client, although he had several other clients at the time. During this difficult and very emotional time to have a lawyer who was kind, understanding, efficient and patient with us was a blessing. David had a great relationship with the Prosecutor and Probation Officer and as a result was able to work out a favorable plea bargain, that more than likely would not have taken place. I could not imagine going through this ordeal with a lawyer other than David Trontz and the Donet & McMillan & Trontz team. I highly recommend this firm and I specifically recommend David Trontz. Wonderful lawyer but most importantly a wonderful human being that treats the client and the client's family as a human being and understanding of the entire situation.

Criminal Defense client - , September 03, 2011

Highly recommended! Mr. Trontz kept me informed every step of the way, and was able to reverse a decision made 17 years ago on charges filed 19 years ago. Highly recommended!

Claudia - , August 23, 2011

Larry McMillan and his partners at DMT Law bring a wealth of experience to the firm and its clients. As a client, you need a lawyer with their experience and professionalism in navigating the local judicial system for the best possible outcome to your case.

Eric - , May 09, 2011

It all started in May of 2007; my life came to a screeching halt. I was charged with Manufacturing Marijuana. Without my knowledge the house that I was watching for some friends was indeed a grow house. After my arrest and subsequent bond, the law firm of Donet McMillan and Trontz was referred to me. What else can I say but Mr. McMillan, Mr. Donet and Mr. Trontz worked diligently to restore my good name. They are now good friends and I recommend them highly, they are true professionals.

Tim - , FLMay 02, 2011

I hired David Donet to represent me after I received the worst traffic ticket of my life, standing accused of reckless driving. An undercover police officer in an unmarked vehicle tailgated me aggressively with his horn blaring, and I accelerated away from him, not realizing he was police, but instead thinking he was a citizen with road rage. A few miles later, 3 marked police cars pulled me over, and the undercover policeman made one of the uniformed officers write me a ticket for reckless driving, which is a criminal offense in Florida. I believed in David the second I hired him, and he patiently answered every single one of my emails and calls for the next two months, until the charges were dismissed. My career could have been severely hindered if I had somehow been convicted in this case. I will always appreciate the professional and courteous manner in which David represented me and supported me. I give him the highest possible recommendation. More recently, I brought a friend to David who needed to have an old case record expunged, because it was preventing him from obtaining a Florida Real Estate license and also hurting his opportunities for employment. David again handled this courteously, professionally and promptly. My friend is as satisfied as I am.