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DONET, MCMILLAN & TRONTZ, P.A. At Donet, McMillan & Trontz, P.A., the results that we have been able to achieve on a consistent basis for our clients have given us an outstanding reputation throughout Miami and South Florida. Because of our proven record that often goes unmatched in the legal community, our firm's name has become synonymous with trial-winning representation and tireless client advocacy.

Though we cannot guarantee the same results for every client, we do encourage you to read through the following case results to get a feel for how we can provide the same level of defense to your particular circumstances. We strongly believe that the proof is in our numbers. We are more than confident in our ability to bring a satisfactory resolution to your case.

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RESULT: Found Not Guilty Jury Finds Driver Charged with DUI Not Guilty A Miami driver was pulled over by officer Mark Slimak of the Miami-Dade Police Department's DUI task force. He was stopped because the officer said he failed to maintain his truck in a single lane and he tailgated the car in front of him. According to officer Slimak, the driver failed all of the following roadside exercises: Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN), Finger-to-Nose, Walk-and-turn, One-Leg-Stand, and Romberg Balance. The driver also had blood-shot eyes, a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, and he had to use the side of his truck for support because he was extremely unsteady on his feet. Based upon the officer's observations, the driver was arrested. He was transported to the police station, where he refused to blow into the breath test machine. The Prosecutor wanted the driver to spend 20 days in jail, serve one year on probation, pay close to $1,000.00 in fines and court costs, accept a suspension of his driver's license for 5 years, and perform 50 community service hours. After consulting with a Miami DUI lawyer at DMT, our client rejected the offer and took the case to jury trial. Despite the overwhelming evidence presented by the prosecutor and Officer Slimak, the jury deliberated for less than 15 minutes, before returning a unanimous verdict of not guilty.
RESULT: Cleared of Charges Man Avoids Arrest for Rape and Sexual Assault on a Cruise Ship Our client was taken into custody in the Port of Miami by authorities on suspicion of committing a sexual assault upon another passenger while at sea. Since the criminal defense attorneys at DMT are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the parents of the young man were able to contact and retain our services. A lawyer from our firm immediately began investigating the case and preparing a defense to the allegations. Due to the smart and quick thinking by the parents of the young man, our firm had ample time to investigate the claims, research the law and prepare a presentation for the FBI agents, upon the ship's arrival. Once the ship arrived back at the Port of Miami, DMT was waiting dockside when the FBI agents arrived. We were able to present the agents with evidence and arguments compelling enough to clear the client of all charges.
RESULT: Dismissed Miami Clinic Owner Accepts Pre-Trial Diversion (PTI) Resulting in a Dismissal of Criminal Charges An owner of a Miami medical clinic was charged by the State Attorney's Office with Insurance Fraud, False or Fraudulent Insurance Claims and Grand Theft for his involvement in Miami staged auto accidents and the fraudulent billing of insurance companies. Following extensive investigation by DMT, the prosecutor reduced the plea offer from prison to PTI. Following the client's completion of the PTI program, all felony charges against the client were dropped, thereby enabling the client to expunge his record and maintain all of his licenses issued by the State of Florida.
RESULT: Dismissed Former Linebacker for the New York Giants, Lawrence Taylor, has Suspended License Charge Dismissed Former NFL linebacker, Lawrence Taylor, retained the criminal traffic attorneys of DMT to defend him on a suspended license charge. The attorneys quickly and quietly worked the case out, whereby all charges were dismissed.
RESULT: Dismissed Client Charged with Burglary with an Assault and Battery has Charges Dismissed After conducting an initial investigation into the case and the background of the victim, DMT persuaded the Miami State Attorney's Office to not file the case. As a result of the police illegally taking a statement from our client, along with victim's sorted past, our firm had our client released from custody within two weeks of his arrest on a non-bondable offense. DMT's quick and proactive approach to the case, worked to our client's benefit by effecting his quick release from jail.