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Miami woman arrested for marijuana and cocaine trafficking

Posted on December 07, 2009 3:00 AM EST

Federal authorities arrested a 59 year old woman on charges of marijuana trafficking and cocaine trafficking. Aurora Ojeda was arrested in Miami and returned to Port St. Lucie to face the aforementioned offenses. Her husband, also a South Florida resident, is still at large, but being sought by law enforcement. It is unclear whether Ojeda will retain counsel in Port St. Lucie or hire a Miami marijuana trafficking lawyer. Criminal lawyers often represent individuals charges with marijuana trafficking or operating grow houses up and down the east and west coast of Florida.

As is often the case, a confidential source ("CS") provided a tip to law enforcement regarding the Ojeda's residence. Based on the information provided by the CS, police obtained a search signed by a circuit court judge and raided the home located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. According to reports, the couple moved their marijuana and cocaine operation from Miami to Port St. Lucie. As a result of the search, police seized 20 marijuana plants the size of Christmas trees. The plants weighed about 136 pounds.

Ojeda was arrested for cultivation of marijuana, marijuana trafficking, cocaine trafficking two counts of possession of a controlled substance. The search of the home revealed 46 grams of cocaine, alpazolam and hydrocodone pills. A firearm was also located in the home. The cocaine seized was a trafficking amount. Possession of cocaine between 28 and 200 grams carries a three year minimum mandatory sentence. If the prosecutors file armed trafficking in marijuana or cocaine, Ms. Ojeda may be held without a bond. All armed trafficking offenses are capital offenses which are non-bondable offenses. However, any defendant being held without a bond at the initial bond hearing can request and Arthur Hearing, where a bond can be sought.

Once Mr. Ojeda is apprehended it is far less likely that he receive a bond if in fact armed trafficking charges are filed. A criminal background search revealed that he has previously been convicted of cocaine trafficking. More and more arrests are being made for marijuana trafficking in cities where housing woes are the worst. Cheap and abandoned houses are typically used for 'grow house" operations. These residences are generally used because the homes are irreparably damaged because of the mold created from growing marijuana indoors.

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