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Miami marijuana trafficker sentenced to 35 years in state prison

Posted on July 30, 2009 3:00 AM EST

In Sanford, Florida, Circuit Court Judge Donna McIntosh sentenced a major player in a Miami marijuana trafficking ring to long prison sentence. Amaldo Martinez of Miami, Florida was facing up a life sentence in prison after he was convicted of marijuana trafficking and conspiracy to commit marijuana trafficking in state court. The case is an example of the statewide crack down by law enforcement authorities of those who endeavor to traffic in marijuana. In Miami, marijuana has become a big business which has in turn provided Miami criminal defense lawyers a tremendous amount of new cases to defend.

According to prosecutors, Martinez was responsible for moving 200 pound shipments throughout the State of Florida. Martinez, along with his co-defendants would traffic the large shipments of marijuana across the Mexican border and deliver the shipments in rental cars. Law enforcement caught Martinez attempting to deliver 200 pounds of marijuana to a residence in Seminole County. Martinez also maintained a residence in Miami, Florida.

During their investigation, narcotics detectives learned that Martinez was shipping 200 pounds to his residence and intercepted the marijuana in North Florida. The marijuana was being transported in a rental car. However, Martinez was escorting the shipment in a different vehicle when the arrests were made by law enforcement officers.

A Seminole County jury took little time in convicting Martinez of five counts of marijuana trafficking and conspiracy to traffic marijuana. The criminal defense lawyer for Martinez requested leniency because he had a young daughter. The prosecutor requested a life sentence. In trial, the prosecutor referred to Martinez as the kingpin and that he was responsible for at least seven to ten 200 pound shipments of marijuana into Seminole County. Martinez had a previous conviction for cocaine trafficking.

Judge McIntosh ordered Martinez to serve a 35 year prison sentence. A co-defendant in the case, Mario Suarez was convicted of one count of conspiracy to traffic in marijuana and received a five year prison sentence.

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