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Miami criminal attorney representing the tamiami strangler files appeal

Posted on September 03, 2009 3:00 AM EST

A Miami criminal attorney filed an appeal to the Florida Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn the death sentence of the man dubbed the "Tamiami Strangler." Miami criminal lawyer, Gustavo Garcia Montes, argued that Rory Condre told a priest that as a youth he had been molested by an uncle and that his death sentence for murder should be overturned. During the sentencing portion of the trial held years ago, a witness testified to substantially to the same thing regarding Condre's past. Fifteen years ago, Condre was convicted for six counts of murder for killing Miami prostitutes and dumping their bodies.

Miami law enforcement authorities conducted a murder investigation into several murders of female prostitutes between September 1994 and June 1995 which occurred on S.W. 8th Street. Condre left a note on the third victim informing police that it was the third victim in the string murders and intended on continuing the spree. Condre's arrest resulted when he abducted a female prostitute, sexually assaulted her and left he duct-taped in his apartment. The victim was able to get the attention of the next-door neighbor and report the crime. In 1999, Condre was tried and convicted in the sixth murder. He entered guilty pleas to the other five murders. In March 2000, Condre was sentenced to death for the murder of his final victim.

On June 25, 1995, Condre gave a three hour interview to Miami-Dade homicide detectives where he graphically outlined the rapes and murders of the six prostitutes. Condre gave a 173 page sworn confession to law enforcement authorities, declining to have a Miami criminal lawyer present during the questioning. Condre would pick up prostitutes on the side of the road and would offer to pay the prostitutes $100 for sex. He would then take the prostitutes to his apartment in west Miami-Dade County. After having sex one or two times, he would strangle them and dump their bodies on lawns on the side of the road.

The homicide detectives investigating the murders were perplexed for months. In fact, they brought many suspects to the police station and DNA samples were taken. With no matches being made, Condre was not caught until after his sixth murder. He is considered one of South Florida's worst serial killers.

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