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Man sentenced in miami marijuana trafficking case

Posted on October 05, 2009 3:00 AM EST

In Miami, a former resident of Broward County appeared in federal court before United States District Judge Richard Goldberg for his sentencing hearing. Ryan Gayle was indicted and sentenced in the third largest marijuana importation and trafficking case in the history of the Miami International Airport. Gayle was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison and 5 years of supervised release on October 2, 2009, for his involvement in Miami marijuana trafficking ring. Gayle was representing by a local Miami criminal defense lawyer at his sentencing hearing.

On November 30, 2006, U.S. customs officials seized in excess of 3,540 pounds of marijuana at the Miami International Airport. The marijuana was transported from Kingston, Jamaica aboard cargo aircraft bound for Miami, Florida. The marijuana was concealed in packaging that was labeled black pepper and various seasonings. A long term narcotics investigation that took several months revealed that the large shipment of marijuana was intended to be delivered to Gayle.

While the marijuana trafficking case was being investigated by several federal agencies, Gayle attempted to receive multiple different marijuana shipments from Jamaica. Federal authorities arrested Gayle in August, 2008, for importation of marijuana, trafficking in marijuana and conspiracy to traffic in marijuana. Gayle pled not guilty to the federal indictment and proceeded to take his case to a jury trial. After hearing two weeks of testimony, the jury convicted Gayle for importing marijuana and conspiracy to traffic marijuana.

At present, the majority of Miami marijuana trafficking cases arise through the operation of marijuana "grow house" cases. By growing the marijuana locally, those who engage in marijuana trafficking usually avoid investigation by federal authorities. By cultivating the marijuana in Miami, individuals avoid investigations by customs agents and the DEA for the most part. Those who choose to grow marijuana rather than import it, generally are investigated by local law enforcement authorities who operate with a lack of man power and resources.

Another advantage to growing the marijuana at home is in the event one is arrested, the charges will be brought in state court versus federal court. The lack of experience of the prosecutors and the enormous case load in Miami, bodes well for the defendants arrested for marijuana trafficking. With the assistance of a skilled marijuana trafficking defense lawyer, a lengthy jail sentence is improbable, with probation a more likely scenario.

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