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Glamorous women involved in cocaine trafficking ring

Posted on April 10, 2010 12:00 AM EST

Law enforcement authorities around the world are on the lookout for beautiful women who are being recruited to transport cocaine from South American to several European countries. In particular, Argentinian authorities are searching for a former Columbia beauty queen who is accused of heading up a cocaine trafficking ring that uses "pretty and discreet" young women who are willing to transport cocaine to Europe in exchange for $5,000.00. The Columbian woman who is the primary suspect issued a statement through her criminal defense attorney. The lawyer denied the allegations stating that his client is not involved in drug trafficking and she is afraid to surrender because of the conditions she would face in jail.

The investigation into this cocaine trafficking ring began in December 2009 when authorities seized fifty-five kilograms of cocaine from a young attractive woman traveling to Cancun, Mexico. In arresting the young lady, the authorities attempted to track Sanclemente, but failed in their efforts. The most wanted lists in the United States and in Latin America are now replete with woman wanted on drug trafficking charges. Many other women are awaiting trial for similar offenses. Some women were forced into drug trafficking when their husbands or brothers were either arrested or killed as a result of their involvement in the drug trade. Others were recruited into drug organization because they demonstrated their ability to become involved in drug trafficking and money laundering.

Government prosecutors in Miami are seeking the extradition of a Latin American woman, as well as, members of her family for illegally importing and selling 9 tons of cocaine in the South Florida area. While female drug traffickers are in the limelight, the majority of women in Mexico and other Latin American countries are imprisoned for drug offenses like cocaine possession and marijuana possession. They are involved in the street level drug trade which is considered to be the most dangerous. This latest investigation makes one wonder if the "war on drugs" can be one as it is apparent that drug trafficking is now involving other genres and countries.

For years Miami has been believed to be the hub where the majority of Latin American and South American cocaine and marijuana are delivered. Recent reports indicate that Europe is being targeted as a major recipient of the drug trade. The major question is whether European law enforcement has the assets and the support to combat the narcotics trade in similar fashion to the United States. While the federal government and the State of Florida have created strict penalties for people charged and convicted for their participation in the narcotics trade, it is not clear whether or not the European countries created similar laws to curb the inflow of drugs.

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