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Armed robbery at Miami Walgreens turns into shootout

Posted on November 23, 2015 5:00 PM EST

MIAMI – The police have been looking for two armed robbers who struck a Miami Walgreens last month and ended up in a shootout. The robbers got away with some cash from the drugstore, but not before exchanging shots with a man who was in front of the store.

The incident occurred on Oct. 31, Halloween night at the store located at 23201 Southwest 112th Avenue. The robbery began as the two suspects, wearing grey hooded sweatshirts walked into the store.

Upon entering the store, the hooded men quickly passed by customers and approached the counter, demanding money from one of the employees at gunpoint, according to Miami police.

The tape shows the suspects ripping two registers from the counters and attempting to run out the store's front door. As the men were fleeing, they saw a witness out front of the building who they mistakenly believed was a police officer.

One of the suspects yelled to the other saying that it was the police. Shoot him, he said, shoot him, as the suspects fired several shots at the man outside. The witness, who was not the police, did have a firearm. He returned fire, but no one was injured in the exchange of bullets.

The two suspects managed to flee through the back of the store. Cameras were rolling from the moment the suspects stepped foot into the building, to the point where they escaped through back door. It was all caught on the store's surveillance system.

The police are still looking for the two armed robbers who not only stole cash from the Miami Walgreens, but who fired shots at a civilian outside of the store who they thought was a police officer.

The police described the suspects as black males between the ages of 17 and 24. One of the suspects is about 5' 10" with a thin frame, while the other one stands about 5'5" with a medium build. The police want the public to know that they consider these suspects to be armed and dangerous.
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