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Alleged University of Miami 'Fondler' arrested

Posted on November 30, 2015 4:00 PM EST

Ever since a man exposed himself and then fondled a female University of Miami student near the Bank United Center, students have been concerned for their safety.

According to NBC Miami, there has been a break in the case involving the "fondler" on the University of Miami campus.

Last week, police arrested R. Sciandra, 49, for battery against a University of Miami co-ed, an incident that occurred near the Bank United Center.

The detectives on the case believe that Sciandra is the man seen on the surveillance tape exposing himself and then grabbing the buttocks of a female student.

Kelly Denham with the Coral Gables Police said that it was disturbing to the University and to the police department. She also noted the fortune that the offense was not escalated and that the victim was not physically harmed, notwithstanding the mental trauma that this would bring.

According to the police, the capture of Sciandra was a collective effort. When a Miami Beach resident saw the alert, she recognized Sciandra as the man that assaulted her and her daughter in 2012.

The woman contacted the detective on the case who went forward with identifying and locating where Sciandra lived, said Denham.

When the authorities took a look at Sciandra's record, they discovered that he has a lengthy criminal history dating back to 1996, including charges for:
Denham said that you never know what a subject is going to escalate to. She believes that because the co-ed fought back and confronted him, it did not escalate.

The feisty young female student was able to get away from the suspect, but he was able to avoid arrest until he was busted near his Cutler Bay home.

Denham said that on Thanksgiving Day they got the call saying they had their man, and that all they needed to do was come down and get him.

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